How Does TV Affect People’s Health

Jan 14, 2010

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How Does TV Viewing Habits Affect People

The likelihood of a person dying from heart disease is increased by almost one-fifth for every hour they spend watch TV, a new study has suggested.

A team of scientists lead by Professor David Dunstan of Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute discovered that each hour spent sitting in front of the box increased the chances of death from cardiovascular disease by 18 per cent.

The research also revealed that the sedentary activity also increased the chances of death by cancer by nine per cent and death from any other cause by 11 per cent.

Professor Dunstan said: “For many people, on a daily basis they simply shift from one chair to another – from the chair in the car to the chair in the office to the chair in front of the television.”

The study, entitled The Australian Diabetes, Obesity and Lifestyle Study, was published in the Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association on January 12th 2010.

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